Audio has always been a passion of mine starting with music and growing to all forms. During my time at Michigan Technological University I have developed my knowledge of sound with many projects. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with other creative outlets of the theater.  My experiences also include sales, working with consumers, and manual labor while working at Rowe’s Produce Farm.

I enjoy working hard to make an idea transform into a finished product. It’s my goal to make every project better than my last while continually learning. I can be contacted at

Transducer Theory

For my final semester in college I built and tested a pair of speakers. They have a built in diffuser as a section of the box and have a sealed design. My research and testing documents can be seen here.

Romancing Horror

For Michigan Tech's production, Romancing Horror: Four Stories by H.P. Lovecraft, I was in charge of the intermission, pre-show, and post-show. I pulled music from well known horror films and created a half hour mix. This clip is the transition from the pre-show to the beginning of the play. I created eerie sounds that transitioned from the pulled music to the H.P. Lovecraft theme that I composed. This them was changed slightly and played at intermission and curtain call. It was fun piecing together all of the horror music for the beginning mix because it gave me an excuse to listen to a lot of horror music but more importantly this music would set the tone for the entire play. I was also the live mixer for the final story of the production.

Stealing Fire

I was a sound designer on Michigan Tech's original production Sealing fire. There was no dialogue so sound played a major role in the production. I worked with four composers and two other sound designers. Sound created an immersive experience for the audience and helped tell the story of the Prometheus myth. I enjoyed collaborating with the designers to create sounds that expanded on the ideas they had. It was mostly with the composers to blend the sound design with the compositions. All the sounds were compiled into one Quelab file and during rehearsals we worked with all the timings to create seamless transitions and align the sound effects. This was a fun and interesting process because we had to blend the sounds and music together.

The Passenger

The Passenger (Redone Sound by Nathan Prouty) from Nathan Prouty on Vimeo.

The Passenger is a animated short by Chris Jones. I removed all of the original audio and replaced it with my own. The original can be seen here.

Guerrilla Sound Challenge

USITT 2013 Guerrilla Sound Challenge - Nathan Prouty from Vincent Olivieri on Vimeo.

During the 2013 USITT conference in Milwaukee Wisconsion I took part in the Guerrilla Sound Challenge. I was given a video and had to create a sound design for it in three hours. I could not use any prerecorded sounds. I had to record, mix, and master all the sounds for the video in the three hour time frame. For the video I focused on the constant motion. The motion theme instantly reminded me of the flow of the city streets around me. I used the soundscape of the city for most of the project and added in different audio plugins enhance the overall flow of the video. Here is more information and entries of the Guerrilla Sound Chalenge.